The SIPA Project of Patent Demonstration Unit Construction Undertaken by SUEP was Accepted Smoothly and Rated as Excellent

    According to the notice announced on the official website of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration (SIPA) on December 27, the SIPA Project of Patent Demonstration Unit Construction undertaken by SUEP was accepted smoothly and rated as excellent after the links of defence, expert review and so on. There were only three universities in Shanghai were rated as excellent, and SUEP was one of them.

    China attaches great important to intellectual property, for it plays a crucial role in innovation-driven transformation and development. In order to implement the national and Shanghai intellectual property strategy, and to improve the creation, application, protection and management of patents, SIPA set up a special research program about patent demonstration units, and in June, 2016, the school got funded by the Project of Shanghai Patent Demonstration Unit Construction after application, defence and expert review. Through two years’ hard work, and under the support of school leaders, cooperation of all departments, the project was successfully completed with excellent results, and during the period, SUEP also first in the country passed the certification of Intellectual Property Management Standards for Higher Education Institutions.