SUEP Held the 2018 Commendation Conference for Teachers

On December 25th, in order to promote the teachers’ professional ethics and encourage them to achieve outstanding results in the work of SUEP, the first teacher commendation conference was held at the Performing Arts Center of Lingang Campus after the school changed its name. Nearly 600 people, including such leaders of the school and the school Party committee as Li Mingfu, Li Hexing, Li Yanling, Weng Peifen, Xu Kai, Feng Jinzhang, Fu Yang and Zhang Chuan, as well as all middle-level cadres of the colleges and departments, representatives of commended teachers, representatives of teachers and staff who have been working for 30 years, and who just came to the school recently, and student representatives participated in the activity.

Since its establishment 67 years ago, Shanghai Electric Power University, as an application-oriented university with distinct characteristics of energy and electricity, has always adhered to the fundamental task of moral education, always insisted on the central position of talent training, and always focused on the development needs of the power industry.

During the activity, the teachers and students from Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai Jian Qiao University and SUEP brought an audio-visual feast comprised of dance, micro-drama, song mix and chorus and other performances.