SUEP Held a Theme Song Competition to Commemorate the 83rd Anniversary of the “12.9” Movement

    On the evening of December 6th, a theme song competition to commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the “12.9” Movement was held on Lingang Campus. Li Yanling, the deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee, Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of the school Party committee and vice president, attended the activity. Chen Ming, general manager of Shanghai Shangyin Performing Arts Company, the young teacher Sun Yi, and teacher Huang Xin from the Art Education Center of SUEP served as judges. Nearly 1,000 teachers and students gathered together for the competition.

    With the theme of “Singing a New Era, and Starting Reform Again”, the competition began with the chorus performance of “I Love You, China”. Then, fifteen classes from secondary colleges performed many red songs like “Chinese Army Soul” and “Songs of Seven Sons” with great energy, presenting their love for the Party and the state. Besides, the secondary colleges’ cheering squad composed by the audience became a highlight of the game. They ignited the scene atmosphere by such youthful songs as “Youth” and “My Future Is Not a Dream”. At the end of the game, Xu Kai sang the song of “The Internationale” in both Chinese and French, winning rounds of applause. The volunteer representatives of the First China International Import Expo sang the Expo’s theme song “The Power of Youth”, displaying SUEP students’ youthfulness and responsibility.

    Finally, the classes of 2018028 and 2017023 from the College of Electrical Engineering won the first prize, and the later also won the Best Popularity Award and the Most Creative Award. The Best Stage Style Award and the Best Directing Award were won by the classes of 2018122 and 2018092 respectively.

    The school league committee actively interacted with secondary colleges and made innovation in the competition forms, giving full play to the educational function of campus cultural activities, and guided young students to develop a good spiritual outlook and cultural accomplishment.