A SUEP Teacher’s Paper in the Field of Gas Turbine Fault Diagnosis Technology Was Selected as ESI Highly Cited Paper

      According to the latest data from ESI in 2018, the paper A Method to Improve the Robustness of Gas Turbine Gas-Path Fault Diagnosis Against Sensor FaultsMarch 2018, 67(1): 3-12. published by Dr. Ying Yulong, a teacher from Energy and Mechanical Engineering College of SUEP, as the correspondence author in IEEE Transactions on Reliability, a top SCI journal, in March, 2018, was selected as ESI Highly Cited Paper, in other words, the cited frequency of the paper ranked top 1% in the field of engineering in the world during the same year. It was the first time for the school to have an ESI highly cited paper in this area.

      In recent years, Dr. Ying has been devoted himself to the research on information security of the internet of things, fault prediction and diagnosis of energy conversion equipment, hybrid simulation of integrated energy system and multi-disciplinary simulation of gas turbine, and his research work in this ESI highly cited paper was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.