SUEP Launched the Project of Providing Continuous Intelligence Support for Xinjiang

    At the beginning of June, Li Mingfu, secretary of SUEP party committee, led a delegation to Xinjiang and reached school-enterprise cooperation intentions in such aspects as cultivation of school-enterprise talents and part-time postgraduates, and scientific and technological cooperation, with Li Ming, chairman and secretary of the party committee of State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Company, Kai Saijiang, general manager and the deputy secretary of the party committee of the Company, Han Jun, general manager of State Grid Kashgar Power Supply Company, and other leaders of the Company. From October 12 to 14, the opening ceremony of SUEP qualification upgrade class and the school-enterprise cooperation meeting were held by the school in State Grid Kashgar Power Supply Company, and more than 100 people attended the ceremony.

    So far, SUEP has already appointed a professional teacher to teach in Kashgar University; on this basis and adhering to the continuous social benefits of intelligence support for Xinjiang, SUEP will gradually assign a number of senior teachers to send knowledge, intelligence and education to the south region of Xinjiang, including Kashgar, Kezhou and Hetian, where education resources are urgently needed, fully displaying our school’s strong consciousness of social service and sense of responsibility. The university will continue to carry out comprehensive cooperation with other major power enterprises in Xinjiang, and make real efforts to provide intelligence support for Xinjiang.