Lao Women’s Delegation Visited SUEP

    On the afternoon of September 6, a 9-member delegation headed by Inlavanh Keobounphanh, a member of the Central Committee of Lao People's Revolutionary Party and president of the Women's Federation, visited our school, accompanied by Zhang Guangyun, director of the Asian Affairs Section of All-China Women's Federation, Weng Wenlei, the vice president of Shanghai Women's Federation and other 6 people. Li Hexing, president of SUEP, Li Yanling, the deputy secretary of SUEP party committee, Wang Zhiping, the executive vice dean of International Exchange College, Cong Liang, the deputy secretary of the College party branch, and Shi Shuai, the deputy director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, attended the welcome meeting.

    President Li Hexing extended a warm welcome to Lao women's delegation and highlighted the outstanding achievements made by our school in international exchanges and cooperation in recent years. He also expressed the hope and willingness to corporate with the Lao government, universities and power companies. President Inlawan expressed her great pleasure to visit the school and great gratitude to our hospitality. Then, she introduced the current situation of Laos' development in recent years. She also pointed out that Laos cherished its good relations with China and attached great importance to further cooperation with our school.

    The deputy secretary Li Yanling highlighted the current situation of Lao students in our school, the “the Belt and Road” advanced seminars, and the government scholarships for overseas students. She expected that president Inlawan can not only recommend 1-2 senior executives from Lao government agencies as well as energy and power companies to attend the “the Belt and Road” advanced seminars this year, but recommend more excellent Lao students to study in our school in the future, helping SUEP to start cooperation with Lao universities and colleges.

    President Inlawan expressed gratitude to the deputy secretary Li Yanling for her speech and willingness to carry out more substantive work to support the cooperation between China and Laos. At last, president Inlawan and president Li Hexing exchanged gifts, showing their willingness to cooperate.