The Tesla Exhibition Corner Welcomed Its First Visitors

On the morning of October 24, the Tesla Exhibition Corner at our school officially opened. It, as a permanent exhibition stand, is located on the third floor of Graphic Information Building on Lingang Campus, with the theme of “Thinking, Invention & Power Future”. Liu Gang, curator of the library, gave a lively explanation to the visitors. They were deeply attracted by Tesla's stories, stopping at the exhibition corner and marveling at his legendary life and outstanding contributions. One of them said that the previous understanding of Tesla only stayed on the electric car and he didn’t expect so many interesting stories behind him. At the same time, the exhibition of Nikola Tesla: The Man from Future, co-organized by SUEP, was also showed at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Du Xiaming, the deputy secretary general of Library and Information Committee of Shanghai Universities and Colleges, Fu Yang, the vice president of SUEP, as well as 16 library leaders from the 5 universities at Lingang District and the Northeastern University Library Alliance attended the event.