Parent-child Education Inherits Classics and Traditional Culture Strengthens Sino-Dutch Friendship

On the afternoon of October 20, hosted by the Women’s Federation of Huangpu District, the report meeting on traditional culture education public welfare project for parents and children was organized by the Women's Development Research Center of SUEP at Minglun Hall of Confucian Temple. The people who attended the activity included, more than 30 families from Huangpu District and 25 students from Theresialyceum, the best high school in North Brabant, the Netherlands. Liu Fang, the vice president of Women’s Federation, and Le Hui, the head of Family & Child Department were also present the meeting.

The parent-child public welfare project has been held successfully for 3 years, and in the past 3 years, the project team has made great efforts, not only in ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of parent-child education by such means as selecting the families who take part in the project and checking in before the activity, but also in creating abundant and extensive education forms, in order to improve the participants’ parent-child relationship, and their confidence in Chinese culture.