The 2018 Postgraduate Students of SUEP Started “New Life” on Lingang Campus

On October 10, the opening ceremony of 2018 postgraduate students was held on the second floor of the Gym on Lingang Campus.School leaders, such as Li Mingfu, Li Hexing, Li Yanling, Weng Peifen, Xu Kai, Feng Jinzhang and Fu Yang attended the ceremony. Deans of secondary colleges, heads of the relevant departments, and more than 800 postgraduate students and parent representatives attended the ceremony. Xu kai, the vice president and deputy secretary of party committee of SUEP, presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, on behalf of SUEP, President Li Hexing expressed his heartfelt congratulations and encouraged students to obtain greater achievements during their school time. Professor Wei Gang from Electrical Engineering College and student representative Li Youting made an inspiring speech.