The Volunteers Launching Ceremony of the First China International Import Expo was Held on Lingang Campus

On the afternoon of September 29th, the launching ceremony of the Volunteers of the First China International Import Expo was held in the Academic Exchange Center on Lingang Campus. Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of the school party committee and vice president, the leaders from secondary colleges, the secretary of each college branch committee and all the volunteers participated in the ceremony.

In the ceremony, Xu Kai put forward three requirements to all the volunteers: firstly, to effectively improve the political position and enhance the sense of mission and honor; secondly, to carry forward the spirit of volunteers and make first-class achievements in a first-class state; thirdly, enhance the ability to achieve an all-round development.

In accordance with the directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the overall deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Party Committee of the University attached great importance to the establishment of a volunteer work leading group for the first China International Import Expo. The relevant departments of the Logistics Management Office and the party committees (party general branches) of the colleges and universities implemented the recruitment, training, management, service and other related work of volunteers. In June, the recruitment of volunteers was officially launched. Our school selected 136 volunteers, including 127 undergraduates and 9 postgraduates.

After the meeting, the volunteers said that the International Import Expo was not only a stage for economic and trade communication between the countries of the world, but also a stage for young friends to exchange ideas. Everyone would contribute to the wisdom and strength for the smooth development of the International Import Expo.