2018 Freshman Opening Ceremony Was Held on Lingang Campus

On 27th September, the 2018 Opening Ceremony was held on the second floor of Gymnasium on Lingang Campus. School leaders including Li Mingfu, Li Hexing, Li Yanling, Weng Peifei, Xu Kai, Feng Jinzhang, Fu Yang, Huang Dongmei, Zhang Chuan, and representatives of the secondary colleges and functional departments and teachers participated in the ceremony. More than 2,600 freshmen attended. The Opening Ceremony was presided over by Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of the school Party committee and the vice president.

The 2018 Opening Ceremony officially began amid the solemn national anthem. As a teacher representative, Professor Xu Qunjie, Dean of the School of Encyclopedia, expressed his warm welcome to the millennial generation who entered the new campus of SUEP, and gave cordial instruction on the upcoming college life.

As a student representative, Zhou Xingfa, a student of the School of Encyclopedia, shared his experience of gradually growing from an ordinary college student into an excellent scout soldier and then returning to the campus for his dream of passing the postgraduate entrance exam. Yu Yue, on behalf a freshman of the School of Foreign Languages, expressed his confidence and pride in becoming a student of SUEP. He said that what was most needed now was to set new learning and life goals as soon as possible.

President Li Hexing extended a warm welcome to the freshmen who were brimming with the youthful vigor and fresh impetus of the new era. He introduced the history of SUEP and conveyed lots of good news. He expected the freshmen to have lofty aspirations, be brave in taking responsibility and bear in mind the mission to become leading talents with homeland sentiments and international vision.

At the opening ceremony, the alumnus representatives also recorded a live broadcast of the blessing video, and sent wishes to the millennial generation.