SUEP Professor Pan Weimin Gained National Social Science Fund Project in 2018

    On June 21, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science announced the results of National Social Science Fund Annual Project and Youth Project in 2018. After the application by the five social science research systems, preliminary evaluation, conference review, online publication and other procedures, the project, “On the English Translation of Mao's Anthology in National Translation Practice led by Professor Pan Weimin was approved as a general project.

    Just like the project of “Strategic Research on the Construction of Confucius Institutes and the Spread of Chinese Culture in Africa” (2014BYY008) led by Professor Pan, which was successfully selected as a general project by Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science in 2014, this was another breakthrough on research. What’s more, it is also the first time that Foreign Language College of SUEP gains the national scientific research project, which will play an important role in increasing the scientific research level of the College.