SUEP Leaders Led a Team to Xinjiang for Research and Exchange on School-Enterprise Cooperation

    From June 5 to 9Li Mingfu, secretary of SUEP Party committeeled a team to visit and investigate some electric power enterprises in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for further strengthening talents cultivation and scientific and technological cooperation between school and enterprise.

    Li Ming, chairman and secretary of Party committee of State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co, Ltd., and Kai Saijiang, the general manager and deputy secretary of Party committee of the company warmly welcomed the delegations led by Li Mingfu. Kai Saijiang noted that the development of the power grid can’t be improved without the strong support from the universities, and he hoped SUEP will continue to pay attention to the development of Xinjiang electric power industry by strengthening the training of high skilled talents, and deepening cooperation in scientific research projects, so as to jointly promote the high-quality development of electric power industry.

    Han Jun, the general manager and deputy secretary of Party committee of State Grid Ka Shi Electric Power Supply Company introduced the future planning and hoped to increase school -enterprise cooperation and attract more graduates from SUEP to work in Ka Shi.

    Li Mingfu agreed that both schools and enterprises played an important role in the development of electric power industry, and he hoped both sides could strengthen cooperation in talents cultivation. During the visit, he also conveyed cordial greetings to SUEP alumni, asking about their work and living conditions in Xinjiang.