Foreign Students of SUEP Took Part in the 11th Dragon Boat Race for Shanghai University Foreign Students

On June 9th, the 11th Dragon Boat Race for Shanghai University Foreign Students organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai University Foreign Students Education Research Association was held on Fengxian Campus of East China University of Science and Technology. More than a thousand foreign students from 28 universities in Shanghai, including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China University of Science and Technology, experienced the charm of Chinese traditional culture. Our school selected 19 international students from different grades and majors to participate in the competition, and 5 training sessions were conducted before the race.

Since 2008, the Dragon Boat Race had been held as scheduled during the Dragon Boat Festival, which was very popular with foreign students. And it had become an important event for Shanghai universities to enrich their cultural life. In the competition, the foreign students not only exercised their physique, strengthened their team spirit, met more partners from different countries, but also deepened their understanding about the humanistic spirit of traditional Chinese culture.