The Activity of “Face to Face with School Leaders” Entered College of Foreign Language

On the afternoon of May 30th, the activity of “Face to Face with School Leaders” for College of Foreign Language was held in the conference room of Cultural Activity Center on Pudong Campus. Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee and the vice president of the school, had a face-to-face communication with the student representatives of Foreign Language College.

On the theme of How to Become a Foreign Language Talent in the New Era, Xu Kai made in-depth exchanges with students through his personal experience and years of practical work experiences. He pointed out that students majoring in foreign language should take learning foreign languages well, telling Chinese stories well, and being a good Chinese as their own responsibilities, read more classic books of traditional culture, strengthen their cultural self-confidence, and strive to become messengers of cultural communication. He hoped that foreign language students can foster the spirit of fight while pursuing their youthful dreams, and find directions when striding forward.

In the session of communication and interaction, the students actively asked questions about the construction of master's degree program, career planning, international exchange programs and interdisciplinary learning. Xu Kai listened carefully and answered the questions patiently. At last, he expressed his wishes to the students: May you always be the best you can, and your life always be progressing.At the end of the event, some of the students talked about professional learning and classics reading with the school leaders separately.

This activity was vivid and profound, not only indicating the development direction for students majoring in foreign language, but also providing goals and priorities for the talent training of Foreign Language College.