SUEP First Passed the Authentication of Intellectual Property Management for Higher Education Institutions

    The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the Standardization Administration of the PRC promulgated and implemented the “Intellectual Property Management for Higher Education Institutions” (GBT33251-2016) on January 1, 2017. Taking the standardization of Intellectual property management system for higher education institutions as the object, it aims to guide the higher education institutions to establish standardized intellectual property management system, and to integrate the intellectual property effectively into scientific research, social service, talent cultivation, cultural inheritance and innovation, thus stimulating innovation vitality and strengthening innovation ability.

    In 2017, SUEP took the lead in implementing the specification of the Intellectual Property Management for Higher Education Institutions, and successfully passed the authentication on May 9, 2018, obtaining the first certificate among the national universities and colleges (Certificate Number: 165IPG180001R0L). This benefited from the proper implementation of various requirements in the National Standards by SUEP, the school leaders’ great efforts, and the coordination and high efficiency of relevant departments.

    The authentication certificate indicates that SUEP has entered a new period in the intellectual property management work. The intellectual property management and application have been enhanced, and the scientific research capability as well as production, study and research capabilities has been further improved.