The First Group of Indonesian Staff Pre-job Training for Java Power Plant Was Accomplished Successfully

A few days ago, organized by SUEP, the first group of Indonesian staff pre-job training for Java Power Plant, the first 1000MW thermal power unit constructed by China for the countries participating the “One Belt and One Road”, was accomplished successfully. Again our school by action demonstrated the response capability and professional strength of docking the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. The Java Power Plant in Indonesia was invested by Shenhua Group, and upon completion, Indonesian staff will take full charge of the operation and maintenance management of the power plant. It would provide thousands of employment opportunities for local people. Therefore, the preparation and construction of this project attracted attention of all sides. After being selected by Shenhua Group, SUEP together with peer colleges has paid high attention to and provided substantial support for the implementation of the training program.

The training classes were taught in English and the contents covered various specialized courses related to electromechanical furnace control of thermal power unit. In order to promote the success of the project and ensure trainees master the theoretical knowledge, teachers strive to overcome various difficulties. Both the entrusting party and the trainees think highly of this effective training program.