SUEP Held 2017-2018 Employment Meeting

On the afternoon of March 23, 2017-2018 employment meeting was held at the auditorium on Yangpu Campus of SUEP, which was chaired by Jiang Xiaohua, the director of Student Affair Office (Recruitment and Employment Office). People presented at the meeting including Li Mingfu, the party committee secretary of SUEP, Li Hexing, the president, Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of party committee and the vice president, as well as other related people.

Li Mingfu emphasized the employment should be put in the first place by both the school and secondary colleges, which is related to not only the students’ personal development and family happiness, but the socialist modernization and social harmony. Meanwhile, he put forward three requirements for the further work: providing employment guidance to serve the national strategy; improving employment service by classified guidance; and working together to increase the quality of employment.

Li Hexing spoke highly of the achievements made by functional departments and secondary colleges in 2017, and bought up three expectations for the work in 2018: broadening employment ideas and channels through value guidance; developing new situations of employment by expanding collaboration; and enhancing students’ strengths and competitiveness.

Xu Kai in his report summarized the graduates’ employment work in 2017, analyzed the current employment situations, arranged tasks and set goals for the employment work in 2018.

SUEP also invited the alumni Zhou Xiang, the general manager of Urban Electricity Supply Company of State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, to make a speech at the meeting.