SUEP Branch of Overseas Returned Scholars Association Held a Lecture for "Teacher Growth"

On the afternoon of December 5th, SUEP branch of Overseas Returned Scholars Association held a lecture for Teacher Growth on Yangpu campus. The main contents were to share the experience of studying abroad, attracting more than 30 teachers and students. The lecture was presided over by Zhu Qunzhi, the executive vice chairman of the branch. Li Yanling, the deputy secretary of Party committee of SUEP and chairman of the branch, attended the event and delivered a speech. She praised the work carried out by the branchsince its foundation, and expressed her appreciation for the contributions made by members of the branch to the school work. She also encouraged them to give full play of exemplary and leading roles and to further enhance the influence of the branch by exerting their own advantages. In addition, the branch should take an active part in the international cooperation on Belt and Road education so as to promote the international exchanges of SUEP.

The speakers of this lecture were Dr. Zhao Jinbin from the College of Electrical Engineering and Dr. Zheng Li from the College of Mathematics and Physics. The two scholars introduced their experience of studying in Japan and the United States respectively, and exchanged views with the teachers and students on site. The participants said that after hearing the report, they benefited a lot, especially knowing more about the policies and requirements for studying abroad along with the learning and living environment. And they expected more such activities to be held in the future.