College of International Exchange

I. College of International Exchange (CIE) 

    Founded in 2005, the College of International Exchange, Shanghai University of Electric Power (SUEP) runs Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Programs and their teaching management. With the approval of the State Ministry of Education, the College of International Exchange cooperates with the University of Strathclyde, UK and selects students from throughout China to participate in a number of collaborative programs. With leading educational resources within the SUEP especially excellent teachers and professors from the College of Electrical Engineering and the College of Computer Science & Technology, CIE currently has a support staff of 12 people. The college offers two majors which are Electric Engineering & Automation, and Computer Science & Technology. Aiming at developing talent with excellence in a technological background, CIE is devoted to helping students to accomplish more in all aspects of educational achievement, including solid technological theory, proficiency in English language, independent innovation with global vision. Over the years, more than 1000 undergraduates have finished their study in CIE. 

    CIE enjoys a solid reputation with electrical engineering industry providing a range of specialist professionals for the industry. Statistic shows that the employment rate of students who graduated from CIE has exceeded 95 percent. 

II. Sino-UK Cooperation Program 

    The College of International Exchange has cooperated with the University of Strathclyde in two majors: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Computer Science and Technology. 

    1、 Study Patterns 

    1) To study in both the SUEP and the University of Strathclyde. Students of CIE may choose to continue their last two years’ study in the University of Strathclyde if they finish the first two years’ undergraduate studies with the appropriate academic qualification and qualified IELTS results. Those who finish the undergraduate studies in Strathclyde and succeed in obtaining their bachelor degrees may also get the bachelor degree certificate of the corresponding major from SUEP. 

    2) To study in the SUEP only. Students will finish all undergraduate studies domestically and receive a bachelor degree and graduation certificates from the SUEP after they pass their graduation projects. Then they may accept domestic jobs or continue further study in China. 

    2、 Majors provided by the University of Strathclyde for students to choose: 

    1) BEng Hons in Electronic and Electrical Engineering 

    2) BEng Hons in Electronic and Digital Systems 

    3) BEng Hons in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 

    4) BEng Hons in Electrical Energy Systems 

    5) BEng Hons in Computer and Electronic Systems 

    6) BEng Hons in Digital Communication and Multimedia Systems 

    3、 Fees(The fees could be different each year): 


    Tuition fee: 15000RMB/Year, Accommodation fee: 1200RMB/Year 


    Tuition fee: around GBP15000/Year 

    Accommodation fee: around GBP7200/Year