College of Foreign Languages

    The College of Foreign Languages, formerly known as the Division of Foreign Language Teaching Affairs, and the Affiliated Department of Foreign Languages, began to enroll English majors and Japanese majors in 2000 and 2010 respectively, and was thus named in August 2008. There are now more than 600 students majoring in English and Japanese in this college. 

    Among the 76 faculty members, there are 5 professors and 18 associate professors, accounting for 33 percent of the teaching staff. More than 90 percent of the staff holds a master’s degree or above, among whom there are 10 PhDs and doctoral candidates. Apart from that, about four to six language experts are regularly employed from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. 

    Academically speaking, the teaching staff of the college is categorized into two teams: Foreign Literature and Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages. During the past five years, they have successively undertaken 28 academic research programs, one of which has been awarded with the third prize for teaching achievement. By now they have published over 200 theses in journals at home and abroad, nearly half of which have been published in core periodicals classified into CSSCI Data Bank. Up till today the college has also published 10 monographs and translational works, 19 series of textbooks for English majors and reference books . 

    The College of Foreign Languages enjoys sophisticated teaching facilities, equipped with multi-media language labs, language labs for simultaneous interpretation, and audio-visual classrooms as well as its own library with a collection of 20, 000 books for both English and Japanese majors. 

    The College of Foreign Languages has been attaching great importance to cultivating talents, conducting academic research, and serving the society. Up till today more than 1,000 English majors have graduated from this college, over 95 percent of whom have been employed in the fields of foreign affairs, business, language teaching, management, tourism and so on. 

    Presently, the university is actively carrying out the 12th Five-year Plan with the aim to build up a higher standard university with characteristics electric power, and the College of Foreign Languages has been making every effort to reposition itself and introduce more courses relevant to electric power and energy.