College of Mathematics and Physics

    The College of Mathematics and Physics includes Mathemactics Department, Physics Department, and Solar Energy Research Center. There are 4 teaching sections under Mathematics Department, ie Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Computer Graphics. 3 divisions under Physics Department are teaching sections of College Physics and Applied Physics, and Physics Research Center. At present there are 500 undergraduates enrolled in two majors, Information and Computing Science, Applied Physics. Besides the college has set up graduate programs, in both first-level discipline Physics, and second-level discipline Science and Engineering of Renewable Energy. 

    The College faculty consists of 91 full-time teachers; among them there are 8 professors, 32 associate professors, and 49 of them have doctor’s degree. Our teaching responsibility is to provide courses of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Graphics to students all around the campus; meanwhile our college acts as a public science platform for campus discipline development. In recent years, College’s advance in science and research ability has encouraged the platform development, greatly supporting all campus disciplines and majors, especially the discipline group of campus Smart Grid. 

    Information and Computing Science, Applied Physics are the 2 principal disciplines in our college. Information and Computing Science is composed of Information Science, Computing Mathematics, and Operational Research and Control Theory. Applied Physics mainly researches on Solar Power Application Technology, Solar Energy Materials R&D, Magnetic Physics, and Optical Information Processing, etc. Our college has formed an increasingly functioning academic and research team, made some achievements in teaching and researches, and maintained extensive academic exchange and cooperation with scholars at home and abroad, such as Britain, Japan and so on. 

    In recent years, our college has undertaken 10 projects of NSFC, over 60 projects from Ministry of Education, Shanghai municipal, Shanghai Education Commission key research projects, and Natural Science Fund of Shanghai. Some of the faculty members have been awarded by Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai municipal, and granted S&T sponsorship by various Shanghai talent and youth science projects. The college also accomplished one Shanghai Undergraduate Highland Project, and published several papers on top-class international magazines. Advanced Mathematics is awarded as Shanghai Excellent Course; and our students have won first and second prizes in National University Students’ Competition of Mathematic Modeling, Mathematics and Physics.