College of Electrical Engineering

    College of Electrical Engineering was established in October, 2012 to conform to the needs of university’s development and discipline adjustment. It is the successor of College of Electric Power and Automation Engineering. As one college in the university, it has the longest history, the largest school size and the most distinctive features of electric power. 

    Currently the college has 102 faculty members, including 13 professors, 28 associate professors and one national candidate entitled New Century Million Talents, one national outstanding teacher, one Shanghai Oriental Scholar and one Shanghai distinguished teacher. There are about 1600 undergraduates and junior college students, and more than 300 full-time master candidates. 

    The college possesses two undergraduate programs, Electrical Engineering & Automation (including power supply and utilization, power electronics, wind power), and Electrical Engineering & Management, one vocation-oriented program, Electrical and Automatic Technology for junior college students, and one master section, Electrical Engineering (including 7 master programs such as Power System & Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, etc.). The program of Electrical Engineering & Automation is college characteristic and the first batch of “Brilliant Engineers Plan” authorized by Ministry of Education. The college also possesses a national experiment teaching demonstration center of “New Energy Electric Power System”, a Shanghai key discipline of “Modern Power System and Power Plant Automation”, two key disciplines authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission “Power Safety and Energy Saving” and “Smart Grid Technology and Engineering”, two engineering technology centers “Grid Connection of Green Energy” and “Power Conversion”, two experiment centers “Power Engineering” and “Electrical Engineering & Electric Circuit”, as well as two research institutes “New Energy and Smart Technology for Power Supply and Utilization” and “Electrical Science and Technology”. 

    The college has strong research and development ability in such fields as grid planning and design, wind power generation and control technology, smart power supply and utilization and micro-grid technology, power system analysis and control, monitoring and diagnosis of electrical devices, power quality analysis and control, power system evaluation and transformation, fault location of transmission line, etc. Some researches above are at the leading level domestically. Recent five years have witnessed great advancement achieved by the college, during which over 200 research projects have been committed, including the National 863 Project, National Support Plan, Sino-Europe Energy Cooperation Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Project and some significant and key projects of science and technology. Among these programs, 8 are awarded for scientific research achievement at provincial and ministerial level, 4 courses are listed as Shanghai excellent courses, and 4 teaching achievements are also awarded at provincial and ministerial level. 

    The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ all-around qualities, innovative spirit and practical skills. Many students have won first or second prize in National Smart Car Contest of Challenge Cup or Freescale Cup, National Mathematical Modeling Contest, National Electronic Design Contest and other science and technology innovation contests. 

    During the past six decades, the college has always been cultivating excellent power engineers, sending more than 20,000 professionals to relative industries. Most of these professionals are playing an important role in their respective fields and the college is consequently known as a cradle for power engineers.