College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemistry was first founded in 1951. It was one of 3 mainstay disciplines in university which paralleled to electricity and power. The     Department of Environmental Engineering was founded in 2000, which was in 2004 incorporated into the College of Energy and Environmental Engineering together with the Power Department. In 2012, to meet the requirement of national economic development as well as the university’s overall plan, the Departments of Environmental Engineering and Chemistry were incorporated into the College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering. 

    The College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering is composed of 5 departments of Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Process, Environmental Engineering, Material Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering. Each department offers undergraduate program. The college is well-equipped with facilities for scientific research. In the college there are former State Key Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection for Thermal Power Equipment in Power Corporations (Ministerial level), Shanghai Key Laboratory of Corrosion Control and Applied Electrochemistry in Electric Power Systems, 4 Shanghai municipal engineering and technology research centers (Electric Power Energy Conversion, New Anti-corrosion Material, Energy Saving of Heat Exchange Systems and Environmental Protection in Power Generation). In 2006 the college was authorized to award Master degree in Applied Chemistry. In 2010, the college was approved for Master program of the first level in Chemical Engineering and Technology. In 2005 Shanghai Key Discipline, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Protection in Power Plants, was established. 

    The college is staffed by faculty who are strong in teaching as well as in research and professional experience. There are 56 staff members, 51 full-time teachers, 9 professors, 18 associate professors, including 1 “National Outstanding Youth, 1 “Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader”, 1 “Shanghai Leading Talent”, 1 “Oriental Scholar”, 1 “New Century Excellent Talent” offered by Ministry of Education, 3 “Shanghai Shuguang Scholars”, 2 “Shanghai Pujiang Talents”, 2 winners of “Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Venus”, 1 “Shanghai Dawn Plan Talent”, 1 “Shanghai Talent Development Fund” winner. The College also recruited a “Shanghai Overseas Scholar”, as well as 12 part-time professors from famous universities and research institutions both domestic and overseas. 

    The college research has a solid foundation and has gained fruitful achievements. Researches in corrosion protection, chemical power and energy storage material, environmental engineering and chemistry in power plants are very outstanding. In recent years the college has been responsible for more than 30 national and provincial research projects, including projects from “National 863 High Technology Research Development Plan” and “National Natural Science Foundation of China”. And the college has won more than 10 provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, authorized more than 30 patents for invention, and published 9 monographs, 3 textbooks and more than 500 papers. At the same time, the college has made gratifying achievements in the commercialization of scientific research achievements and in the integration of production, study and research. 

    The college has established extensive scientific and technological collaboration and academic exchange with the United States, Japan, Britain, South Korea and Canada. The college has successfully organized and held a number of large-scale academic conferences, including International Conference for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, “China Science Association Young Scientists Forum”, National Corrosion Inhibitor Conference” and “National Chemistry in Power Plants Conference. 

    Our college’s student development focuses on the improvement of overall quality and ability, especially on students’ ideological and moral education, innovative mind and hands-on ability, and harmonious personality. In recent years, our students have organized activities with unique college style, such as Study Style Early-warning Mechanism, Star Dormitory Competition, Mentor System, Double Thinking Activities for graduating class and so on. Meanwhile, Student Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects have achieved great results. Under the guidance of mentors, students have completed more than 200 scientific papers, applied for 42 invention patents, 6 of which have been authorized. The Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects participated in various competitions have won more than 20 awards above provincial-level. 

    The college focuses on teaching reform, linking theory with practice, making full use of interdisciplinary advantages, and developing edge disciplines. The college aims for fulfilling the society on the basis of electric power and serving the whole country on the basis of Shanghai. The college has cultivated a large number of elites with fine ideological and moral quality, solid theoretical foundation and strong practical ability for the electric power industry and Shanghai's social and economic construction.