2017 Freshmen Military Training Parade Held in SUEP

On September 16, 2017 Freshmen Military Training Parade was held on Pudong campus.More than 2000 military trainees lined up in parade formation in high spirit.

SUEP leaders andZhou Lifei, Associate Director of Political Department in Unit 94804 of Chinese Peoples Liberation Army attended the ceremony. Jin Wei, Vice Commander of Military Division and Chief of the Military Section in Security Office of SUEP hosted the ceremony.

The convention included three sessions: flag-raising ceremony, parade performance and commendation. During the inspection, the freshmen showed their vitality in controlled marching pace and resonant chants. Their excellent performance was received with hearty rounds of applause.

Silk banners were bestowed upon training army unit by Li Mingfu, Chair of the University Counciland Li Hexing, President of SUEP. Li Yanling, Vice Chair of the University Council, read out the list of outstanding classes and individuals. Xu Kai, Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President of SUEP, encouraged freshmen to retain the good habit formed in training and keep the spirit in their future study. Zhou Lifei congratulated freshman for completing their military training successfully and praised them for their tenacity and determination. He sent good wishes to freshmen and hoped they could make more progress in university life.