The First Nationalwide University New Energy Source ProgramJiontly Run by Military and Civilian Held in Our University

The aim is to focus on energy and power technology to assist the integrated military and civiliandevelopment.The first new energy source project jointly run by the military and civilian, the new energy and wisdom city advanced seminar, was held in our university on September 12. The project was hosted by Shanghai University of Electric Power and Shanghai New Energy Talent Technology Education Exchange Center under the guidance of the New Energy Division of the National Energy Bureau and the Military Energy Source Bureau in the Logistics Support Department of the Military Committee.

       Leaders attended the opening ceremony include Liang ZhipengDeputy Director of New Energy in National Energy Bureau,Zhou Qiang, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Yu Chengbin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hou Zhihua, Director of Military Energy Department of Military Resources Bureau of Military Affairs Bureau, Li Mingfu, the Party Secretary of SUEP, Li Hexing, the president of SUEP, and Weng Pei Fen, the vice president of SUEP.

       This project integrated the professionals from the military and local energy systems into one class with the purpose of promotion together through learning from each other. In this way, we can foster a high levelled energy technology innovation and research team.