SUEP's “the Belt and Road” Education Action Appeared in “China Education News” Headline

       The first news headline of May 16 newspaper China Education News reportedChinas education action onthe Belt and Road”, in which, the international education cooperation in SUEP was reported as the illustration of the important content of the Belt and RoadThe article was published as the first news headline by the government website of PRCs Administration of Education the same day. The excerpt of report was below: China’s Education Action on the Belt and Road” News reporters  Ke Jin, Wan Yufeng

It was not the first time that Mengshi Bashir Ahamed, Director of the National Energy Development Committee of Bangladesh, came to China, but it was for the first time that he came to SUEP as a student to accept a three-week systematic study. He was satisfied with the education action of SUEP.

Through the progress of the Belt and Road, China will provide richer public educational products for the countries along the belt and road.