SUEP Won the Second Prize in the Ninth University Campus Culture Construction

The Ninth University Campus Culture Construction organized byThe Ministry of Education, co-sponsored by The National University Students' Ideological and Political   Education Development Research Center and  Guangming  Daily  recently  announced  the results. SUEPsproject Four ReadingsSeries   of Campus Culture ConstructionInnovativePractice  won the second national prize.

In recent years, SUEP attaches great importance to the roles library plays in culture construction. Relying on librarys information resources, SUEP carried out the project of Four ReadingsSeries of Campus Culture ConstructionInnovative Practice launching many activities, such as “Reality Library,Share a Book,Read the Familiar StrangerRead the Campus through Camera, etc. In this way, library,commonly known as the heart of university, becomes an importantfrontierin the campus culture construction.