Leaders of the University Visit and Show Regards to the Faculty on the First Day of the New Semester

    In the new semester,we are determined to roll up our sleeves and work with added energy.On the early morning of Feb. 17,the leaders of the university, Li Ming-fu,Li He-xing, Li Yan-ling,Feng Jin-zhang,Wong Pei-fen,etc. began to visit different departments and some colleges. They expressed their regards to and encouraged the faculty not to forget the set aim and to work together towards it in order to ensure a good beginning and steady development of the new semester.

    The leaders urged the faculty to take the students' requests as the utmost concern, make specific teaching plans and research targets, and try to improve the quality of education.

    During the visit, the leaders pointed out that spring was the best season for planning and arrangements. We should keep in mind the fundamental task of morality education and strive to maintain a favorable environment for the development of the new semester.