First Batch of SUEP Teachers and Students Arrive at Philippines GNPD Project Department of SEPCC

    On March 31st, the first batch of SUEP teachers and students, who are to serve temporary positions and take internships in the Philippines, arrived at the GNPD Project Department of Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SEPCC” ) located in Mariveles Town, Luzon Island, the Philippines. A warm reception was held by the Project Department. Zhou Yanjun, senior consultant of the Human Resources Department of SEPCC, Yang Jie, general manager of the GNPD Project Department, and other related people of SEPCC attended the event. Melo and Cueto, representatives of the teachers from the University of Batangas, Wang Du and Fan Junxiong, SUEP teachers who are to serve temporary positions in the Philippines, participated in the reception along with 18 interns from both China and the Philippines.

    Yang Jie firstly extended a warm welcome to all the teachers and students. He said serving temporary positions and taking internships were a significant part of the MOU signed between SUEP, SEPCC and the University of Batangas, so the experience in the GNPD Project Department would certainly be an unforgettable memory for everyone of them. The GNPD Project not only was the first priority among SEPPC overseas projects, but also had a place in the domestic large-scale infrastructure projects, and it was carried on in an orderly manner in all aspects at present, according to Yang Jie..

    Then, Wang Du delivered a speech on behalf of SUEP, and thanked SEPCC for its careful preparation. Melo made a speech on behalf of the University of Batangas, and expressed the expectations for the Philippine students. Zhou Yanjun concluded that the overseas internship program was a milestone for the B&R Cooperation of Energy Industries and Universities(CEIU) initiated by our school.

    Subsequently, interns from China and the Philippines met with enterprise teachers respectively, and were assigned to different sections according to their majors and graduation designs. The two teachers serving temporary positions also reached preliminary industry-university cooperation intentions with the company.

    Since they arrived in the Philippines on March 18th, the interns from SUEP had been studying at the University of Batangas as international exchange students. They actively communicated with Philippine students, talking about the upcoming internship in SEPCC, and sharing learning experience in science and technology innovation, language and culture, and professional courses.