SUEP Holds Training Meeting for Teachers and Students to Philippines

    On March 15, the school held a training meeting for the first batch of teachers and students to serve temporary positions in the Philippines before they leave. These people were present at the meeting: Xu Kai, the vice president and deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee, Zeng Fenyu, director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of the school, Zhu Qunzhi, dean of Energy and Mechanical Engineering College, Zhu Rui, the deputy director of Graduate Affairs Office of the school, Ding Jiafeng, the deputy director of Academic Affairs Office, as well as the leaders of secondary colleges, 13 students to take internships in the Philippines and 3 leading teachers. In addition, Xiao Jianzheng and Zhou Yanjun from the Human Resources Department of Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. also attended the meeting.

    The 13 students and 2 teachers will set off for the Philippines on March 18, which marks the official opening of the program that SUEP teachers and students to take temporary positions at abroad, and the program that SUEP, foreign universities and electric power enterprises carry out substantial cooperation through the B&R Regional Association of Energy and Power Universities, and the B&R Cooperation of Energy Industries and Universities initiated by our school in October, 2018.