International Students of SUEP Experience Magic of Kunqu Opera

    On the 15th day of the first lunar month, the activity of “2019 International Students in Shanghai Experience Magic of Kunqu Opera” was hosted by Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe and Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries at Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe. Our school’s students who participated in the activity were from Russia, Morocco, Congo, Vietnam, Benin, Zimbabwe, Mongolia and other countries. Wang Zhiping, executive vice president of the College of International Exchange, Cong Liang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the college, Zhang Sufang, director of the International Student Management Center, and other faculty members also went to experience the unique Chinese opera culture at the Lantern Festival.

    First of all, the international students visited the multi-function exhibition hall of Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe. The organizers used English and pictures to introduce the Kunqu Opera and the artists for them. Then they went into the practice room of the Troupe, watching the actors practice dance movements. Finally, they enjoyed the shows of classic Kunqu operas, such as ThePeony Pavilion, The Drunken Beauty, and The West Chamber. In order to let the students know more about Kunqu Opera, the Troupe also invited international students to give performances on the stage in costumes and facial masks. Under the guidance of the teachers who integrated entertainment into education, the students learned how to sing and move, and experienced the beauty and elegance of Kunqu operas at the same time.

    Held during the Lantern Festival, the event integrated knowledge explanation, stage performance, interactive experience, and opera appreciation, allowing students to experience the magic of Kunqu and traditional Chinese culture from different perspectives. In the end, some students also expressed their love for Kunqu opera and their hope to share Chinese drama with their family and friends.

    Xinmin Evening News, Chinadaily and other media reported the event.