SUEP Organizes Wonderful Activities for Students Staying in School to Celebrate 2019 Spring Festival

On the evening of January 30 (the 25th day of the 12th lunar month), SUEP organized the activity of eating dinner together and the party of celebrating the Spring Festival for students staying in school on Yangpu Campus. Cheng Danhong, deputy secretary of CPC Shanghai Working Committee on Education and Health, Wu Nengwu, deputy director of Student Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Tan Ming, director of High-level Talents Innovation Based Start-up Companies Supporting Center of Yangpu District, as well as other leaders were invited to give guidance. About three hundred people gathered together to celebrate the festival, including Li Hexing, president of SUEP, Li Yanling and Weng Peifen, the deputy secretaries of SUEP Party committee, Xu Kai, the vice president and deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee, Zhang Chuan, chief accountant of SUEP as well as the persons in charge of the functional offices and secondary colleges (departments), teacher representatives and students staying in school.

At the party, Cheng Danhong delivered a passionate speech. He pointed out that SUEP had made great progress in all aspects in 2018. He hoped under the leadership of the Party and government leaders of SUEP, the school will continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of education, forge ahead with determination, and make greater contributions to the development of national energy and power and the education cause of Shanghai. On behalf of CPC Shanghai Working Committee on Education and Health, and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, he wished all the teachers and students a happy lunar new year.

Li Hexing extended holiday greetings and best wishes to all the teachers and students of the school, and expressed his expectations for all of them. He pointed out that in the past year of 2018, the school had achieved fruitful results, which are inseparable from the pioneering and enterprising efforts of all the teachers and students. A new year stands for the dream and hope. The teachers and students should strive hard to constantly achieve new breakthroughs!

The number of teachers and students participating in the activity hit a record high, totaling more than 300 people. At the party, the teachers and students not only enjoyed a sumptuous and delicious dinner, but also appreciated various programs brought by Chinese and foreign students, including singing, dancing, musical instrument performance and poetry reading. In particular, the school leaders performed a wonderful show for the students. The school also prepared red envelopes and rich prizes for students staying in school. Finally, the get-together ended with the singing of We are the World, and the teachers and students took a photo to record this happy moment.